Bart Reiter (new) Special

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#3859, with TKL hard shell plush lined case.

Mr. Bart Reiter of Hazlett, MI makes professional quality banjos in the prewar tradition. This “Special” model features a rolled brass tone ring, an ebony fingerboard and unusually thick and beautifully carved peghead veneer, a hard maple neck, 9 dotmarker position markers plus a large star at the fifth, an inlaid mother of pearl star in head plate, and a satin lacquer finish. His rim construction is comprised of three-ply laminated maple rim with 5/8” wall thickness, an 11” diameter frosted Mylar head, for increased volume and projection, a notched tension hoop, 24 L-shoe brackets, a rosewood cap on the bottom of the rim, 5/8” ebony topped maple bridge and a Waverly tailpiece. The neck construction consists of a 26 ¼” scale length, 22 nickel silver frets, a bone nut, a steel reinforced (adjustable) neck, a maple dowel stick, a laminated veneer in center of back of neck, 4 Planetary tuning pegs on the headstock and a geared peg at the fifth fret, and it has the traditional peghead shape and neck contour. That’s a lot of features and a major dedication to the tradition of the 1920s. All this, with a fine hard shell case, for only these modest prices:

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