Abe Rivera (used, 1997) Sceptre

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#ISI1909, electric solid body guitar, 1 3/4" nut, sunburst top, back and both sides of headstock, in excellent plus condition with original Harptone custom 5-ply black hard shell case.

Sometimes our customers ask for an instrument that is completely made by one person – where guitar represents an individual artistic achievement, unlike any other that the builder has made. While it is rare to find a builder of considerable international acclaim who produces guitars at this rarified level of craft, we have located and present to you a rare and ornate electric by Abe Rivera, the Quixotic Puerto Rican Virtuoso of Luthiery. This is the brand of guitar that Kevin Eubanks plays on the Jay Leno Show and also the brand of instrument played for many years by award-winning American jazz guitarist Pat Martino. It has a neck through body design, a 5-piece laminated maple neck with Purple Heart wood center stripe, a hand-carved curly, tiger-stripe maple top and back that is sandwiched in either alder or ash as the middle of the body. There is ornamental carving on the top plate of the face in the upper bass bout and also at the bottom center of the face, as well as on the hand-carved volute at the back of the headstock. The sides are a five-ply sequence of maple, ebony and “infinity” pattern ribbon colored wood. The fingerboard, like Kevin Eubank’s guitar, is rosewood with eight colorful abalone blockmarker inlays. The fingerboard has 22 frets, all of them accessible to the player, and then a 1 ½” section that is left deliberately unfretted. The maple bound fingerboard terminates with a birdie’s beak. Both Mr. Eubanks and the builder are said to prefer the acoustic properties of a rosewood fingerboard, especially when played amplified. The pickup bezels (surrounds) are carved birds-eye maple, as is the pickguard which is held in place by one screw near the fretboard end and a gold plated side L-bracket. Tuners are Schaller gold-plated sealed-backs with large metal buttons. On the back of the body is a maple cavity cover matching the shaded coloring of the finish as well as the flame maple grain.

The roller bridge is a Schaller tune-o-matic type, with adjustable string spacing. The asymmetrical bridge base is carved maple, the nut is carved of bone. The neck pickup is an Attila Zoller model jazz humbucker made by Shadow, and the bridge pickup is Shadow as well. Abe Rivera calls this his “luxury solid body” guitar. Even the truss rod cover, pointed like a knight’s helmet and held in place by a single screw, is birds’ eye maple. The knobs are all hand-made of birds’ eye maple and each one is individually inlaid with pearl and wood to form a flower. Did we mention that the front of the headstock, with its ornate carved “eave,” as you might find on a Japanese house, at the center top of headstock, is bordered in a continuous stripe of hand-inset abalone and so is the face of the guitar. On this guitar subtle artistic touches abound. The headstock logo is “Abe Rivera” with a heart around the “Ri” in Rivera, inlaid in what appears to be black-bordered wood script. The proprietary tailpiece is gold plated, held in placed by six screws and is etched “Abe Rivera,” “Paz y Amor” – which means “Peace and Love,” and “Tony Waters.” The front of the guitar is carved with what builders call a “recurve” in which the outer edge is raised and then there is a carved trough and then the center of the top is slightly arched. The bottom of the instrument displays another decorative “eave” or raised peak, in which the tailpin resides. There is a standard phone jack on the lower treble side.

Mr. Rivera, of Huntington, Long Island, New York (the town that Jimmy D’Aquisto worked in when he moved out of John D’Angelico’s workshop in Manhattan), makes guitars for the stars. This guitar is in better-than-excellent condition and is both the progenitor of a formidable electric guitar-playing experience and, at the same time, a genuine work of art.

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